A short-film music video for an original song written and performed by Tyler Coolidge (soundcloud.com/christianlouisana)

Video: Directed, Edited and Produced by Jaime Fong

Instrumental produced by shlohmo (NO COPYRIGHT INTENDED)

[Verse 1: tyler coolidge]
Whenever I get an instant to myself
It's usually used up, thinking about you
She's lethal to my mental health
But I'm hooked, oh is it true
Hooked on you
Hooked on you
And everybody knows it but her
But none of them believe it would work

[Verse 2: tyler cooldige]
Cause they all know me more than I know myself
But suppose that I forget me and my temores as well
See senorita I'm in a bit of a dilemma
I got all this real love to give but nobody I'd want it to enter
Besides you of course
But you ain't hear that from me
I mean, literally
You ain't hear that from me
They say I'm scared, I swear I know what I'm doing
But nevertheless you'd be the first of them I'd have to pursue and
I'd be fibbing if I told them I wasn't that apprehensive
Good God, I'm so defenseless
Replaying moments between us repeatedly that haven't happened yet
'Preminiscing' as I refer to it
I'm afraid of who I'd be if I won you
I'm afraid of who I'd be if I lose you
They tell me I can't lose it if I never had it
But they haven't thought of how it'd feel to see some little boy get at it
I'm saying...

[Hook: Shannon Farrell]
What are you waiting for
Tomorrow I might not be anymore
So what are you waiting for

[Hook: tyler cooolidge]
What am I waiting for
Tomorrow you might not be anymore
So what am I waiting for

[Verse 3: tyler coolidge]
This girl Iris used to get home from school and cry
'twas embedded in her head she was ugly, no girl
Or guy, especially, wanted anything to do with her
Screamed at God every night, like what'd he do to her?
Scarlet wrists, she confided in and trusted the blades
Convinced that none was notice if she decided to stay
Down the avenue a boy Will has loved her since he could recall
Shyest of them all, so she hadn't a clue at all
He adored her
Thought she was funny and gorgeous
But just couldn't muster up the courage to inform her
Next afternoon, she wasn't in school
Thought to himself, "She ain't been sick the whole year..."
So he got her homework for her
Told himself to finally tell her all about his feelings for her and all
But when he got inside her house and in her room he found her
Lying on the carpet in a puddle of her blood
She was...

He balled uncontrollably
What if he told her earlier...
Maybe she'd be right by his side
All he could think about is if he simply came out and said it
He could have saved her and himself
Now she'd never get to reply
Tomorrow's unreliable

She's unreliable
He told her he was coming

They're unreliable

Tell them how you feel

You're beautiful


be afraid

DOWNLOAD SONG HERE: christianlouisana.bandcamp.com/track/unreliable-you
Youtube Version: youtube.com/watch?v=ok1bB7knAk0&feature=youtu.be

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