Low res excerpt from Fischinger's film made during his 3 week walk in 1927: "Walking from Munich to Berlin."

Many of Fischinger's films still need to be preserved. To help with the continued preservation and digitization of his films please visit centerforvisualmusic.org/Fischinger/FundingNeeds.htm

For more on Fischinger and his work, and to read his statement about this film, see the Fischinger Research pages at centerforvisualmusic.org/Fischinger

Coming soon, a new book about Fischinger!

This clip was posted with the permission of The Fischinger Trust, and is (c) Fischinger Trust. Please respect their wishes, don't post unauthorized Fischinger films online, thank you. This is intentionally silent, no music should be added. Thanks for our friends at Westwind Media for the new HD transfer.

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