The Onyx Cinema team had a chance to play with the early builds of the Color Assist software that has just recently been released by Technicolor.

Our videos are the first to be featured on their website. Showing the end result is only half of the story though. Why did we shoot in cinestyle and what did the software actually do for our footage?

In this crude little hands-on video, we step you through how we brought both technologies together for our projects.

Check out the blog post and more at

Shot with the Red Scarlet-X and Canon 5D Mark III, featuring footage filmed with the 5D Mark III, 5D Mark II, and 60D.
All projects edited on Adobe Premiere Pro CS6
Thanks to Marcus Valerio and Maria Chiu for their work on the video.
Featuring "Sunny Days" by David Swensen - Music Licensed through With Etiquette

Special Thanks to the Technicolor Cinestyle Team!

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