Gifts don’t have to have a price tag to be cherished!
This message looks at the power of a Complement, well-placed, and the impact it can have.

1. Make your list of people you want to give gifts too. Pick your family, your co-workers, suppliers, customers, and neighbors.
2. Beside each person on your list, write down a Strong, Positive quality or trait about that person. Go deep if you can.
3. Beside each postive trait, write down a reason why you identify that trait. This is your Evidence of the quality. This brings credibility and sincerity to your complement.
4. Choose the form of how you will give this gift: E Mail, Video mail, handwritten note, Christmas card, phone call, in-person. Write that down.
5. Deliver your Gift. Plan time in your next few weeks to deliver the gift. A sincere compliment should not take longer than 15 seconds to deliver.

If you give these gifts over the Holiday Season, you’ll leave an impression that may outlast the novelty of physical gift, resonate and be treasured years from now.

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