"When a hooded man steps aboard a train, the suspicion and tension in the carriage quickly mounts
But soon, the sweet charm of a young girl handing out paper hearts diffuses the moment, and we're all forced to check our own prejudice."

This is the trailer for "Love". Winning Film Production Award "50 Kisses", Guerilla Film Award "50 Kisses", Best Film "Southampton Film Week" . Official selection for New York Bootleg Film Festival, Edinburgh Short Film Festival.

"The full film was made during a nerve-wracking day filming on the Underground, with a great crew, who also acted as bored passengers, as we trundled up and down the line. Every few minutes the whole of the compartment changed as we arrived at the next station. A continuity nightmare!

Fabulous actors Holly Jacobson, Lula Suassuna and Melody Reynolds"

Particular thanks to Simon Phillips, toolsofdirecting.com for his detailed feedback on the interaction between the man and child.

There was some feedback on continuity, particularly from those with a detailed knowledge of the Underground, for which thank you. I've eliminated most of the specific obvious references to stations. But filming on multiple trains and stations over a whole day with constant changes of locations,whilst trying to avoid any advertising material meant there cannot be clean continuity. Believe me I can see a whole load more continuity issues. But my hope is that the strength of the acting and script override these.

btw the only identifying train destination is at the end ...Ealing Broadway. ...home of a certain Guerilla filmmaker :-)

...So here it is.

Tech details: Shot with hacked Panasonic GH2. Edited on FCP X, then to FCP 7 graded on Color, back to FCPX.

I'd love to hear your comments.

Phil Peel


Lula Suassuna's link : vimeo.com/channels/lulasuassuna

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