A NEW Op-Era project offering new music to be sung by children.
Involve children to take an active part in the interactive virtual scenography of an opera.
New technology approach as a performance strategy for a new era for opera.
Binding contemporary aesthetics with some important matters for the human kind.
Year of the composition and première 2011.
The opera is about the water cycle, it tells a story of a water droplet travel from the sea and back to the sea and all the connections that can be made with nature, education for citizenship, climate change, sustainability and environment.
The opera was designed for all audiences, as a pedagogical, interactive and exciting challenge both for the audience and for the children participants is a musical and visual work binding contemporary aesthetics with some important matters of the human kind.
The influence of the children as singers and actors/dancers as well as their influence in the visual content through the use of interaction technology are key factors for creating a ludic and playful mood. Paula Azguime virtual scenography option and choice of mixing different inputs (real images, 2D and 3D computer graphics and children drawings) for the staging of the opera proved to be very resourceful in creating dynamic, imaginative and fantastic scenery and to be artistically very prolific and rewarding.
The children drawings, the videos, the representations and its transformations hand in hand with movements/choreography of the choir contribute to the perception and fruition both of the music and the story. The music, sung by children, joins spoken and singing voices, real-time sound transformations of voice as well as nature and electronic sounds diffused in space.
The choice of the text, being a major text in children’s Portuguese contemporary literature by Papiniano Carlos, focusing on a crucial matter of today’s life regarding environment and nature bind with an original and ground-breaking composition by Miguel Azguime allowed concurrently carrying out a very close and fruitful dialogue between the story, the music, the visuals, the choir and the narrator and a strong communication with the audience either children or adults.

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