Wind catches a silky piece of fabric and a seductive dance ensues. A woman's form appears underneath the fabric as it slides and contours to her form.

The assignment was to create a :30 spot for “Wood Mystique” that would be luxurious, sexy, and mysterious. The challenge was how to do all those things without offending anyone. It was definitely a learning experience for me from a cultural perspective. From a technical perspective, we tried just about every cloth plugin known to man and ultimately decided on 3ds Max cloth. It proved to be the most reliable and point caching ncloth from Maya was cumbersome at best. We wrote some custom tools to easily bring in our underlying woman rig that was used to collide with all of our cloth sims and with a very small 3d team we pulled it off.

Check out the previz in my vimeo as well.

Tools: 3dsmax, Vray, Fusion


Role: Direction, Design, 3d Look Development

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