Early taster for Addictive TV's forthcoming project Orchestra of Samples. Addictive TV are recording musicians around the world and sampling those recordings to create new visual music. None of the artists featured have ever met, none of them played to a click track or heard the other artists recordings and all were filmed seperately in different countries over a period of a 18 months. So massive thanks goes to:

Chris Birkett (tambourine and Indian zither)
Nir Yaniv (vocals)
Humberto Alvarez (percussion + vocals)
Patubatê (percussion with car exhaust pipes)
Cane Sid aka Mos (circuit bending childrens toys)
Aram K. Drevekenin (flute)
Livika (quarquaba / moroccan clackers)
Rogerinho Amaral (percussion, recco recco)
Ronald Doucet (drums, from the band Lyse)

Patubatê is DJ Leandrônik, Fred Magalhães Batista and Fernando Mazoni

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