EPIC-Tom (the performance), interspecies audio visual performance, 2014
(03:20 min clip of 30 min performance)

EPIC-Tom (the performance) broadens the field of audio visual performance through interspecies collaborative modes. The canine voice and point of view is presented as an alternative outlook on creativity. The project explores the vocals and embodied actions of Tom, Andreyev’s canine collaborator, with a representation of his euphoric, emotional connection to the world. Through the use of live animation, and micro-sound sampling, sight and sound experiment with extensions of time a canine may experience when focused on the task at hand.

Tom's vocal recordings are treated using custom software to create an experimental live soundscape. Using “call and response” methods, Andreyev and members of the Vancouver Experimental Theremin Orchestra accompany the rich vocal landscape of Tom. The performance is accompanied by live visuals—a generative animation of Tom imaged jumping for a ball—created using previous motion capture data of Tom. The objective of the project is to disrupt anthropocentric views on creativity by depicting the canine subjective experience, thereby proposing an account of nonhuman agency and mind.

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