The Zombie Vampires' killing spree escalates. Can Gabriel survive his encounter with Lucinda and stop the slaughter?

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About the series: When a series of unexplained deaths rock the sleepy village of Little Easton, it prompts demonologist & supernatural investigator Gabriel Cushing (David Curtis) to investigate. Teaming up with Ben Romanov (Conner Mckenzy) and Melanie Lancley (Sam Herbert), they soon discover themselves face to face with the fearsome and deadly Zombie Vampires!


Episode 4 Credits:

Gabriel Cushing David Curtis
Ben Romanov Conner Mckenzy
Lucinda Marley Hamilton
Melanie Lancley Sam Herbert
Hoodie Zombie Vampire Andy Chaplin
P.A. Zombie Vampire Kerrie Baker
Emo Zombie Vampire Gemma Green
First Rambler Carolina Ros
Second Rambler Josh Anthony
Third Rambler Tom Adams
Female Jogger Amy Cummins
Male Jogger Rich Jeffery
Zombie Vampires Gina Purcell
Naomi Marsh
Mayble Pitt
Tracey Bodenham
Sam Dixon

Director of Photography Felek Werpachowski
Sound Recordist Rich Jeffery
Jimmy Jib Assistant Ben Langdale
Make-Up Artist Anna Chapman

Special Effects & Make-Up Chrissey Harrison
Assistant Make-up Effects Anna Chapman
Additional make-up effects Steve Bosworth
Zombie Vampire Hair Stylist Inma Azorin

Ancient Vampire Prosthetics Nimba Creations /
Custom Fangs Steve Bosworth
Other Fangs Dental Distortions and Scarecrow, via

Production Designers Chrissey Harrison
Mark Adams
Props & Costume alteration Chrissey Harrison
Carina Roberts
Satanic Robes Jan Harrison

Production Assistant Carina Roberts
Runners Martin "Tig" Campbell-Moore
Jonathan Powell
Jürgen Fellows
Carli Collins
Dan Westley
Dave Curtis

Sound Design & Editing Rich Jeffery
Composer Darren George Hill

Editor & Colourist Felek Werpachowski

Written & Directed By Mark Adams

Produced By The Great Escape Films

© The Great Escape Films 2012 -

Episode 4 - Myths & Legends

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