This footage is at El Mirage dry lake in very high winds at 50-70 MPH filmed from a Toyota CJ-7 4 wheel drive truck. The wind was ripping that day so hard that when one of the pilots took of his glove to shake my hand, the glove blew away far away. I chased the glove down after a few minutes but finding my way back to the truck was now a challenge, visibility was about 5 feet. Lucky fore me Ross was honking his horn so I found them. This was very fun to shoot and am looking to do it again with a better camera and some sand protection. The camera was a panasonic Hd ish camera (HDC 100). Kind of expendable light and good for getting dusty and thrashing. Yes the camera was thrashed but we cleaned it up pretty good.
Andrew Waldron Camera
Ross Addiego driver
David Bone Spotter
By the way the real talent in filming this is the driver Ross. Also this would not be possible with out David Bone spotting at 70 miles an hour in high wind focusing on the sail we really needed a spotter to keep us from having a collision with other vehicles, sails quads, dirtbikes. Safety is really so important in an environment like this.

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