A few months ago I was introduced to Nick Johnson, Associate Director of Planting at InterVarsity, an evangelical organization with presence in many colleges and universities across the US; we quickly engaged in a series of exchanges that lead to the possibility of producing a short documentary about their activities at Georgia State University; shortly thereafter I found myself on campus one saturday morning shooting with a group of students at GSU.

I quickly realized I needed help, so I asked my buddy Mike to join me on this effort and help out with the audio aspect of the project—doing this SOLO was quickly becoming an out of the question alternative; it was just too many things to keep up with, different locations, talent, props, etc.

So Mike and I volunteered our time, skills and resources to this project, and after shooting a few activities throughout the second half of the year followed by endless hours of editing I managed to squeeze in during my days off here is the outcome.

The video was shot with the 5dmk2; the audio was externally captured with a Fostex FR2, and later enhanced in post for the most part; needless to say recording conditions were marginal at best, and as usual we had to adapt to the environment and deal with it.

While this video is intended for a very specific audience outside my circle of contacts here in Vimeo, I will welcome your feedback and comments on the technical aspects of this project.

This is a rather long video, far beyond the standards most of us are accustomed to here at Vimeo, but there were certain requirements this project called for, there the reason for its length; so you’ve been warned and therefore feel free to hit the ESC key at any time if needed, :--)

Thank you for watching and happy holidays,

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