If you do not understand or would like to start to understand Nietzsche, watch this video. Of course this is just a metaphor where the rain should be interpreted as something we do not want.

My comments on their reactions

Plato: Plato would not say it, but his epistemological analysis results in a kind of thinking that is dominant until today. For Nietzsche, Plato represents the model of thought in which reality is negated in behalf of an impossible ideal.

St. Augustine: As a representative of Christianity; Always gives a way to increase our guilty, and feelings that make us powerless.

Auguste Comte: Inspired by his famous claim: "To know is to predict and to predict is to control."

Schopenhauer: Schopenhauer notes that there is no control over anything, he recognizes our own insignificance, but laments.

Karl Marx: Marx believed he understood the cause of evil in the world and believed he had found the solution.

Deleuze: Inspired by his interpretation of the "Eternal Return" concept in Nietzsche, where he sees that even the repetition can be interpreted differently.

Spinoza: Spinoza understands that there is no bad or good in itself. His lack of reaction means he understands the phenomenon. Also inspired by his quote in Theological-Political Treatise: "Not to laugh, not to cry, not to hate, but understand."

Nietzsche: Nietzsche focuses his whole philosophical effort on seeking not only the affirmation of life in its entirety but also the love and desire for it.

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