December 1st, 2012

2008's movie is still the best:

Pictures taken every 10 seconds. Sequenced at 6 and sometimes 10 fps.

Number of pictures taken: 563
Number of minutes before I realized I put the wrong chunk of the tree at the base: ~10
Number of times the camera needed recharging: 2
Number of light strings on this year's tree: 4
Time spent planning the movie: 0
Bonus dad appearance at 0m55s.

I almost skipped the movie this year, but a new camera and CHDK+scripting languages made for effortless time lapse photography. The hardest part of this year's tree setup movie was staying awake.

Sorry for the blurry frames. The plan was "take new camera out of box, run CHDK, start snapping pictures", so it could have been worse.

Happy holidays from the Warren family.

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