This video is part of Brunel Dance Show 2012, hosted by Brunel Dance Club on, well, Brunel University campus.

It features dance members perming various pieces and huge variety of dance styles. Also, they showcase different levels of each style and even individual acts as well.

When I recorded the video, it had quite a lot of grain. To remove it, I run it through DeNoise plugin for After Effects, therefore at times it may contain artefacts or smudging. Rendering took very long (4hrs + on each video), therefore I couldn't keep my machine occupied for another series or rerenders. Process was very processor intensive and renders were crashing or getting into a loop if I was using computer in any way.

Technical stuff:
- filmed on 2 EX1 cameras
- synced using PluralEyes
- edited on Premiere Pro
- denoised in After Effects + extra contras/brightness effects

For more information, see my blog post here:

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