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In this spot I would like to show you, how to play jazz guitar alone solo and comping by yourself in jazz style, using Jazz standard Autumn Leaves.

I am using Yamaha SA 2200 guitar. The tune is very well known and I am playing it on my own way.

I am using this tune a few times in my guitar lessons, at chord substitute lesson, arpeggios lesson, secondary dominant lesson...

It is very important how to build jazz guitar solo over the tune from very beginning till the end.

This is actually a demonstration of what you can become if you join me in my new online Guitar Music School and follow the examples and theory I have prepared for you.

Guitar lessons are intended for all inspiring guitarists who want to form their own solos, improvise, and get the tools for creative composing.

Keep in mind there is no way of getting to a master level without hard work and a lot of devoted time. Another crucial ingredient is getting the right guitar mentor - someone that guides you through the right material and help you form an understanding of the guitar and improvisation.

Besides, I made it affordable, especially if you consider the content I poured into these guitar lessons.

Go to my website and take a look at some previews to get an idea of what my classes look like.

Primoz Grasic

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