a short film by Martin Menzel
7:20 min, Germany / USA 2009


Kid (Joel Brady) is a young Wall Street broker who is used to work long hours and take naps on his pillow under his desk, like all of his colleagues do. When the financial firm he is employed at goes bankrupt in the world financial crisis, he finds himself on the street one morning, with just a box with his belongings and his pillow with him.
In his attempt to make some sense of that situation, he gains the attention of his older co-worker Rich (Joel Horwitz). Their discussion about guilt leads to a surprising payoff when Rich engages Kid in a pillow fight right in front of the New York Stock Exchange Market - one that turns massive, once other laid off workers join…

about the film

The film was shot as a student film at New York Film Academy, using a very basic 16mm Arri S camera from the seventies. The story was build around a pillow fight event that happened in 2009 on Wall Street. It is inspired by true events surrounding the fall of bank house Lehman Brothers in September 2008, where laid off employees left their Wall Street offices carrying out cardboard boxes.

cast and crew

Kid Joel Brady
Rich Joel Horwitz
Pillow People Kelly Karavites
Kazy Tauginas
Antje Thiele
Alice Qin
André Störiko
Tracy Reed
Simon Baltovic

Writer, Director Martin Menzel
Producer Martin Menzel
Cinematographers Martin Menzel
Francesca Nale
Assistant Camera Martina Casas
Editor Martin Menzel
Sound Ilenia Martini
Christopher Filippone
Music Composer André Störiko

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