In Part 5 of Canon 5D Mark II Audio Exposed, I compare the noise of the Microtrack II, Zoom H4n, BeachTek DXA-5D, and the juicedLink CX 231 using a now noise, Rode NT1-A large condenser microphone.

I first measured the sensitivity of the equipment with a 500Hz tone sequence. I then measured the noise with the microphone in a bathroom in a basement in the center of the floor plan. The mic was suspended in a space surrounded by thick blankets. When you hear my voice, I am outside of the bathroom, speaking through the door.

In post, I normalized all of the mics by adjusting the gains, based on the sensitivity measurements. On the second pass, I added another 18 dB of gain to all the samples to make the noise easy to hear on any playback system.

The uncompressed comparison audio is available here:

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