Even if you’re not old enough to vote, or just voted for the first time this year, your story matters, your voice for your future matters, and the President should hear from you! Our friend, Jaime Lynn Butler, who is 11, wrote to President Obama six times and he wrote her a personal letter back. Let’s work together to make a powerful ask to the President: We want a National Climate Recovery Plan! Did you know the President reads a handful of letters each night from Americans who write to him (and his staff read them all)? One of them could be yours!

Be one of the first to recieve a personal letter back from the President and WIN exciting prizes; know your voice is making a difference for climate recovery.

You could win a trip to D.C. to join our youth plaintiffs and decision makers and get your voice heard on climate action!

Go to: ourchildrenstrust.org/contest for rules, prizes, and contest details.

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