"Standing By: Gatz Backstage" is an atmospheric portrait of backstage life during "Gatz", a ground breaking performance work created by New York City’s renowned theater company Elevator Repair Service. Gatz (which Ben Brantley of The NY Times called “the most remarkable achievement in theater not only of this year but also of this decade”) is a highly acclaimed, 8-hour theatrical event in which the entirety of Fitzgerald’s novel is voiced and enacted onstage.

The documentary follows the company through a composite day, focusing on the inherent tension between inertia and explosive energy, as actors move between periods of repose or waiting, moments before they are about to unleash their energy into performance. The camera lingers on performers in these transitional states, hovering somewhere between themselves and the characters they inhabit onstage – as they rest, check email, watch the Wimbledon finals, get a massage, and prepare for the next scene..

The project was shot in London in July 2012. It is currently in progress.

Directed and shot by: Shaun Irons
Editor: Lauren Petty
Original music: Brian Rogers

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