Luiz the Poet was an activist and militant supportive of AgroEcological movements and one of the founders of the NGO, Verdejar Socioambiental ("SocialEnvironmental Greening"). The NGO sponsor the cultivation of urban vegetable gardens, promotes community sharing fairs that work on a bartering system, conducts permaculture treatments on the land, promotes recycling iniciatives, bioconstruction, environmental education and lots of other iniciatives based on the respect and preservation of the Atlantic Forest ecosystem.

The group founded by Luiz is responsable for preservating green areas from Serra da Misericórdia (The fourth largest mountain in Rio de Janeiro). This region is constantly threaten by illegals settlements and ore extraction.

For many years he worked as educator to bring awareness for the population about the importance of environmental preservation, a major issue in our society today.

This movie is a tribute to this guru, as he was known, and for his very crucial initiatives for our city and the world.

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