Detective Johnny investigates the case of a little girl who was kidnapped during a robbery gone wrong.

Directed by Louis Wong
Written by Louis Wong and Steven Lopez

Starring David Laurich, Steven Lopez, Coelti Ticsay, Yvonne Wong, Alex Olof Johnson, and Louis Wong

With Kelsey Balaja, Dominick Mayer, Chris Sampson, Briana Hawkins, Kelly Frederick, Megan Kuk, Scott Andrews, Mike Stiff, and Zack Bloomfield

Shot from June 1st, 2009 to June 6th, 2009

With over two months of preparation and a month of post production work, this was my first serious collaborative film project. It is also the very first project of mine to use a boom mic and focus on multiple sound tracks. You can say this project sparked the beginning of my professional field as everyone learned how to manage time, rehearsals, set design, and the first attempts at lighting from this.


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