“ … Love your enemies … “ (Luke 6.27 ESV)
“ … Be merciful … ” (Luke 6.36 ESV)


David Jackman continues his exposition of the Sermon on a Level Place - described in Luke’s gospel, chapter 6. Here he teaches on verses 27 to 38 of that chapter.

The Bible translation we use at St Helen's is the English Standard Version (ESV). If you don’t have a Bible handy then here is a link to Luke's gospel, chapter 6 - esvbible.org/Luke+6/

David gave this talk on Sunday, 2nd December, 2012; here at St Helen's, Bishopsgate, to our Sunday-morning congregation.

David’s earlier talk, “Kingdom Values”, on verses 17 to 26, is here - vimeo.com/54282453

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