Not getting hired, promoted, asked to speak, invited to participate? Not getting read, funded, selected, noticed? You're not being recognized.

Here's how you can change that. Overcome professional obscurity with digital literacy.

Build your online presence with intention -- to get recognized for exactly what you want to be known for. Marry who you are and where you want to go with the tools available to express yourself while building a path to opportunities you want.

In SUM-it UP (, GlobalNiche shows you how. But before anyone else can recognize you, you have to first recognize yourself.

We're dealing with a new vastness. Why limit yourself to an outmoded view of who you are and what you are capable of?

SUM-it UP goes deep into your identity as a creator. Our program asks you to look at what you've been creating. In today's tech language they call it data mining, looking at the data patterns to see what the information says.

In SUM-it UP you'll not just express yourself with the best social web tools available, you'll tap into resources you've been sitting on

realizing your abilities
reclaiming forgotten talents
finding your voice

In SUM-it UP you'll not just be building a web platform of smartly interlocking pieces, you'll also be building your global niche

experimenting on the web
connecting with your peers
committing to a larger view of yourself

The sooner you commit to becoming digitally literate, the faster you — and your work — will get recognized.


SUM-it UP ( is a dynamic on-demand channel for personal and professional development delivered by at the online education platform

SUM-it UP is a six module web platform-building course using the process of building a professional web platform as a vehicle for self-actualization and creating a path for the opportunities you want to find you.


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