This video shows some 3D pictures that I took with the kinect depth camera at the push.conference in Munich (

Thanks to the people that agreed to pose for me, I really enjoyed taking the pictures and explaining the process.

A big thank you to the guys from envis-precisely ( First for organizing such an awesome conference, and second for letting me to take the pictures and providing me with all the things I needed.

Song: "The Pull" by Bluebrain:

Curious note: the vinyl includes only two songs, called "the Pull" and "the Push", but they can be played together to form a new song, or a C side. I promise I didn't know that when I chose the song for the video.

Made with Processing ( and a Kinect.

Uses the following libraries:
simple-openni (
controlP5 (
javacvPro (


Check the three.js version here:

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