Sarah – our protagonist – is a young woman following in her father’s footsteps, trained and educated as a passionate art restorer.
The film opens in Paris, where Sarah is busy working as an intern at the prestigious workshop of Alex Shaw. It is not long before she realises that the valuable masterpieces she and her team are restoring are in fact being copied in a separate section of their workshop. To escape from this, she joins her former classmates on a large restoration project in Belgium. Here Sarah struggles to come to terms with her father’s past, working in the aftermath of a broken relationship between him and his former colleague. In her attempt to unravel everything, a series of personal conflicts arise, and Sarah reveals one of the most protected secrets in the history of Western art: The Vanitas Project.

'Vanitas' will most likely be the first feature film shot with the award winning Apertus Axiom. This will give the Apertus Open Source Cinema team the perfect opportunity to fine tune the camera and test it’s handling in a real production environment.

© Picoux Productie i.s.m. Apertus Open Source Cinema
Een film van Oscar Spierenburg & Minske van Wijk
Music: Tobias Spierenburg

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