Kinky and a little tough but with a side order of sweetness is my impression of Joesephine, one of 3 models gathered together for rope suspension shots near and over a friends private spring-fed lake, just outside of Atlanta.
I'm still quite amazed myself at how in the shots I took from in the bucket above (towards the end) how she appears to be moving across the surface of the lake when in fact she isn't moving at all and is always in the same spot. It is by swinging the camera around her that gives that effect, which I really discovered by accident. In fact, since I was shooting with the camera upside down, my plan was simply to invert the footage in post till I noticed the effect then and decided to leave it as is.
"Joe" was the only one who decided to do an 'inversion' and that paid off. It was the most exciting of the 3 to see and looked the best in the clips then as well as later. Here is her piece, to the tune of 'Angela Neri' by Momo Family, a band I was fortunate enough to meet when they came to America last year.

That's me in the track-hoe bucket, shooting with my Sony HDR CX550V camera, mounted and extended on a monopod.

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