NOTE: Higher encode version at and

300mb - 5000Kbps - mpegstreamclip transcode B version. Notice the reds are over saturated in this encode.

Some more scene testing and slow-motion conforming on a 1080p timeline. This was output as 9Gb ProRes 422 file and transcoded once more to mp4 using mpegstreamclip at 5000Kbps ceiling mode (300Mb file) as FCPX kept failing to upload the estimated 1.5Gb h264 file direct to Vimeo. I will endeavour to keep trying to upload the original as the colour differences are quite large!

This was shot at one of Brighton's famous lanes, Kensington Gardens.

A test of the GH3 with a 70-200 Canon L lens which effectively doubles for M43 (140-400m) at f2.8 (wide-open on the adapter), 200ISO, 100 shutter.

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