A film by: Colin Weiss
Producers: Hellos, Diem Hoang
Models: Huyen Trang, Truc Diem Minh Tu, Tang Thanh Ha, Ho Ngoc Ha, Irena, Trang Pham, Hoang Yen, Thuy Duong, Tuyet Lan, Le Thuy, Kelbin Lei, Lam Thu Hang, Thuy Trang, Ngoc Oanh, Trang La, Ha Dang, Hoang Thuy, Hoang Oanh, Lan Khue, Thanh Hoai, Ngoc Quy, Bao Tran, Jenny Lai, Ngoc Quyen, Huong Diem, Minh Trieu, Quynh Nu, Thanh Hoai, and many more...

Some additional footage by: Khanh Tung, Kelly Padgett
Vietnam Fashion 2012
Inspired by Russ Chimes' amazing Midnight Trilogy EP
Filmed on location in Vietnam

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