283 Trust and the promise

People love the promises of Adonai. They count on the promises of Adonai. Let me ask a question do you trust in the promises of Adonai? Is the word promise even found in the original Hebrew of the bible?
Num 20:12 But Adonai said to Moshe and Aharon, "Because you did not trust in me, so as to cause me to be regarded/TREAT as holy by the people of Isra'el, you will not bring this community into the land I have given them."
Moshe made a mistake by not listening to the word of Yehovah. He was told by his King to speak the words that Adonai told him to say to the rock and not to strike the rock. Because of that direct disobedience there had to be some chastisement. Moshe in this instance did not trust in the words of Adonai. The word for trust in Adonai’s language Hebrew is; trust H982 בּטח bâṭach BDB Definition: 1) to trust, to trust, trust in, to have confidence, be confident,
Do we have confidence in the words of our Bible? Are they the true words of the King Himself? Of course these words are from Adonai Himself. Many times people will seek signs and wonders some for good and some for bad. But after that sign and that wonder without complete batach,/trust in the word of the Lord most people get lost. Without batach complete confidence in His word and the way we need to live by His standards, The signs and wonders quickly go away and so does their lives. The question is do you truly Batach in HIS words and HIS example?

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