The tale of the Haunting Hoover's Lullaby.

We were asked to participate in the digital culture brief that entailed creating a viral video advertising campaign. In this brief we were given free rein to go and pick a subject, any subject to produce a viral video about. Conceptual thinking and creative ideas were to the forefront as usual, concern was present however as viral videos were usually crap.

As with other image making projects, I started my journey with a series of different ideas which used everyday objects. I believe anything and everything has a story and I like to explore this through visually interesting means.

I settled on the subject matter being a vacuum cleaner, a hoover, with no real knowledge or understanding on where I was going to end up with this. After some research and thinking, an idea was formed. Based on studies the constant drone of a vacuum cleaner is one of the closest relating noises to the noise a baby experiences in the mother’s womb. Further studies have witnessed that this noise, along with other droning noises such as hairdryers or tumble dryers, have calming effects and can be used to aid sleeping.

This information brought me onto developing my concept, the Hoover’s noise had the calming and soothing affect that a mothers lullaby would have on a child. My idea was to create this hoover character that could create a feeling of comfort in a dream like state. During my own experiments however, I discovered that after a lengthy period of time listening to the vacuum noise a strange normality was achieved. If that noise was then turned off, a feeling of unsettling silence affected the listener, and so hence the nightmare scene in the animation.

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