Apparently Buffy is some kind of giant well of muse for me. I haven't done this many videos this fast....ever. Furthermore, I'd even go so far as to say that this is my favorite video that I've ever done.I worked on it like a mad woman. Two days straight, only stopping to sleep XD.

Anyway, on with the story. The premise for the video is based around episode 8 of Angel where Angel becomes human for a day. During this time (on the show) Angel gets beaten to a pulp by a demon, making him realize that he wouldn't be able to protect Buffy as a human. He goes to the Oracles and begs them to make him a vampire again so that he can protect her. They then take the day away as though nothing ever happened, essentially making the day start over.

Now to my version--All the earlier events happen as they did in the show (Angel killing the demon, becoming human, trying to kill the demon again only to have Buffy save him), however that's where the story changes. After the fight with the demon, Angel goes to the Oracles for the first time to ask them if he will be a liability to Buffy in his new human state. They tell him that he is the greatest liability to the slayer, but not because of his being human. Instead, they tell him he doomed her to death the moment they first met. Tiring of his presence, the oracles then toss him from their realm. However, Angel knowing that he can't just let Buffy die, breaks through into their realm again, where he begs them to take his life instead. The oracles, not having any power over life and death, tell him that the only thing that could be done would be for them to restart time before Angel ever met Buffy (with Angel being the only one to remember anything so that he could avoid meeting Buffy). Angel agrees, not willing to sacrifice Buffy's life for their love. He then goes to Buffy the last few minutes before time is going to restart, and they share their last moments as a couple together. The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Also, another important aspect to this video is the memories. For the video, the oracles already knew that Angel was going to come to them with his request, so they had already started the process of turning back time (time lapse sort of thing). So basically, I used all of Buffy and Angel's memories reversed(though because the clips are so short it might be hard to tell that all the events are happening backwards) as a way of showing time slowly breaking down and reversing itself. All reversed clips are the one with the dark border, whereas all the brighter orangier clips are present time. Plus towards the end when the clips are beginning to get grannier and such, time is breaking down fully.

Also, I'd like to thank wildraz7 for making the request for a Buffy/Angel "Shattered" vid. I wouldn't have thought of this premise otherwise. ^.^

Oh, and one final note--I dedicate this to Whitney (malakakane) and Amber for a variety of reasons. Not the least of which involves always being there for me XD.


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