Shot with four cameras, I used the Panasonic LX7 (a Black Friday impulse purchase) for the camera on me. The two cameras in the main talent booth were hacked GH1s (I used the LPowell hack). The camera in the operator room showing the board is the Kodak Zi8 (I always have it in my bag). All cameras were on mini tripods except the wide one in the talent booth, which I stuck on the like dolica ball head cheapo (I couldn't get my Bogens comfortably in the room).

Everything was shot at 720/60p. I don't usually shoot at 720/60p, but with all my documentaries, I shoot in 1080/24p, but I have to say, the images turned out very good.

Lenses: Leica 25mm/1.4 and the 14-42 kit (I have the Olympus 45/1.8 , which is my favorite but too tight for the room). Everything was self-shot with auto-focus (continuous, which is frustrating).

Cut in FCPX, I used the multicam function, and after some trouble in the past, with some new adjustments, I had no problems. I have cut a couple features (like The Man Who Ate New Orleans running currently on PBS) in FCP7, and I made the jump to FCPX a few months ago for commercials and local TV. FCPX was a nightmare early, but it is growing on me.

The show used to be a cable weekly that we shot on the street in Atlanta after press screenings, but after 2 years, my co-host and I couldn't keep it up. So, now I just do one show a month for two local cable stations in metro Atlanta. I do a monthly radio segment, so, I said, what the heck, why not shoot that? It is all for fun anyway.

Hit me up with any questions. Thanks for watching!

Note: The host (I'm a guest) is non-other-than Patrick Terrail. Google him...

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