We were able to sneak one last trip in out east before winter comes in. With a sick new roof rack on the zoot car we were able to fit two more homies with us. After a late start we didn't get any skating in on Friday. Getting an early start the next day was a must. Get broke off with the Oklahoma crew in the mountains of Gnarkansas.
Watch on DatTube: youtube.com/watch?v=zfSgAVIDZLg&feature=player_embedded
Episode 9: vimeo.com/55219723

Riders: Matt Ewalt, Jason Machado, Kyle Ramsey, Dave Gnomesteeze, MacGregor Merritt, Cole Cochran, Austin Meyer, Gerrit Hoover, Kavon Zamanian, Philip Clamon

Support Your Local Shops: bclongboards.com, coreextremesports.com, reytrucks.com, bombsquardlongboarding.com, krlongboarding.tumblr.com

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