This is hand's down one of my favorite vids that I've done in a long time. It went quickly and everything just seemed to fall into place with it (a definite rarity). One thing I was particularly proud of was the fact that right before Angel pushes Buffy up against the wall, he was actually saying something other than "Dream on schoolgirl...", and by sheer amazing dumb luck, the lip movements matched up (and I did a happy dance within my soul).

Anyway, the premise of the video is pretty simple (if you've seen the show XD). The storyline follows the basics of the original storyline (Angel loses his soul, becomes a bastard, tries to raise a demon to envelop the entire earth, buffy and him fight, he regains his soul just in time for Buffy to have to kill him to close the demon portal) however, I changed the storyline a little bit by throwing in the Spike element. In this vid, Spike sees that Angel has gotten the better of Buffy at the moment, and steps in before Angel can deliver a death blow. Drucilla does just as she does in the show, and tackles Spike for hitting Angel (effectively getting him out of the way for the rest of the fight). The only other difference is the ending--where Buffy (completely confused as to why Spike saved her) decides to confront him about his odd behavior, but in the resulting squabble they kiss, and with this create the beginnings of their relationship.


"Come on Buffy, it's not like I've never been there before"

"You can't do it. You can't kill me"

"There's some part of you inside that still remembers who you are"

"Dream on schoolgirl. You're boyfriend is dead"

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