*Dawson Media Night F2012- 2nd BEST ANIMATION*
November 2012
Inspired by an earlier animation of my own about one of Montréal's architectural landmarks, this piece focuses on the city's symbols and emblems and how they may interact with one another. Featured in the animation alongside myself, is Alex Chatelain, co-editor, co-animator and co-lover of Montréal. Most of the animation was done by yours truly, Marc-Anthony Cadieux and most of the editing was done by the amazing Alexandre Chatelain-Sanschagrin

Animations done in Adobe Photoshop
Compiled in Final Cut pro

Animations by Marc-Anthony Cadieux and Alexandre Châtelain-Sanschagrin
Editing by Alexandre Châtelain-Sanschagrin

Music: Undertoe by Marc-Anthony Cadieux (snd.sc/HcYGxz)

Special thanks to
Kim Simard
Alice Ware
Dawson College
Greta's Fall 2012 IA Class

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