A collection of recent compositing work; keying, roto/paint, plate integration, camera projection, set extensions, texturing, multi-render-pass compositing, matchmove, lighting and rendering.

The bottom right label indicates what I was responsible for in each shot.

My 3D reel can be viewed here: vimeo.com/54705377

Reel Breakdown:
Girl walking: Roto/Paint: paint cleanup of markers on hands and mid ground posts. I matchmoved in boujou and painted out the elements in Nuke using a combination of 2.5D clean cards and 2D 'patch and track'.

Lightroom: Rotoscoping of actors in Nuke to create a matte for compositing the flare effect.

Greenscreen Music Video: Keying, 3D and compositing footage for a music video 'Island In The Sky'. Nuke used for keying (keylight/primatte combo) with additional corrective roto. Basic rotopaint to clean the desk. Background element created in Maya and zBrush. Lit and rendered with Arnold for Maya.

Fire extinguisher compositing: Modelled in Maya, texture/surfacing in Mari, lit and rendered with Arnold. I shot the background plate on a 5Diii and composited in nuke.

Building Projection: Modelled in maya, multiple camera projection with nuke/mari bridge. I shot the projection photos on a 5Diii and dewarped in nuke.

Castle multiple render pass compositing: I modelled the castle from reference in Maya, textures in photoshop, lit and rendered in Arnold, composited in Nuke with 2.5D background.

Sea Monster: responsible for compositing, matchmove, marker removal, character modelling, photogrammetry, lighting and rendering.

Gnomes Western: Responsible for character modelling, lighting and rendering with Renderman for Maya, composited in Nuke

Infinite roof set extension 1: Background walls extended with photoshop, composited in After Effects

Infinite roof set extension 2 : Roof extended using a series of cards in Nuke's 2.D workspace. Matchmove in Boujou.

Thankyou for watching my reel. For contact details please refer to the video intro.

Music: Autumn Fields by Lee Rosevere (members.shaw.ca/happypuppyrecords/index.html)

Music: Jupiter The Blue by Gillicuddy (gillicuddy.com)

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