As tensions rise in Quito, Ecuador, over the latest round of bidding for oil exploration projects in the Amazon and the ongoing struggle with Chevron Corp. (more here: oneyearoneworld.com/blog/david-won-but-goliath-refuses-to-pay), I decided to revisit some of my archives, shot during my visit with the Waorani community earlier this year…

I hope this video (a segment from my lengthy interview with Jose Zambrano - a man who works closely with the Waorani community) will give you a better idea of why this issue should concern us all.


Jose Sambrano has been living and working with the Waorani community for more than 5 years. In partnership with Tropics Ecuador, the community established an ecotourism project that allows visitors, like myself, to meet with the once isolated tribe in order to learn about Waorani culture, the Amazon rainforest, and the issues they face as they fight to preserve their culture and land. As you will hear in this interview, my questions first focus on whether the notion of an "ecotourism project" is in fact beneficial to the community (given my concerns with cultural exploitation, among others), then explore the threat of oil companies on indigenous territory and one of the world's most bio-diverse and sensitive regions of the world.

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- Maggie Padlewska

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