Shot and produced by Nathan Fitch

A life long resident of Coney Island, Adaline Feore, 81, lost electricity and heat on September 29th when Hurricane Sandy made landfall. More then a month after the storm Adeline remains in the dark and faces the prospect of losing her rent-controled apartment as well.

The immediate impacts of Hurricane Sandy in New York included massive flooding and power outages, both in Manhattan and in the surrounding regions. The price exacted by this storm maybe tallied economically, as well as in the death toll of NY residents. Some regions that were hardest hit include the Far Rockaways, Brighton Beach, Staten Island and Coney Island.

Now, more than a month after the storm arrived on the eastern seaboard, the lives of most New Yorkers have returned to a normal pattern, now that the subways are up and running and lower Manhattan is again illuminated brightly. Yet the some people without the finical resources to advocate for themselves, the devastating effects of Sandy are still being felt on a daily basis.

"Adaline" is the story of an 81-year-old Coney Island resident who have been living without heat or electricity for more then a month. For Adaline Feore, post-Sandy life has meant keeping the burners of her stove on day and night for heat, depending upon her neighbors and friends for food and living by candlelight.

On top of these hardships, Adaline is also facing the prospect that if she were to vacate her apartment while it is in disrepair, she will lose rent control and no longer be able to live in the building that she has occupied since she was 11 years old. This story exposes the unscrupulous tactic of a landlord who has deliberately left his properties in disrepair to force low-income individuals to leave so that he may renovate and increase the rent. Strong, vocal and every part a New Yorker, Adaline is not about to let herself be "coned" out of her affordable housing and is making a stand by refusing to vacate despite the hardships of her life.




TV report (TVR)
OO:34 As person here in Coney Island put it, the water went from six inches to more then six feet in what seemed like two minutes. The rush of seawater that took over parts of Coney Island, well, they had never seen anything like it

Neighbor (N)
Listen, there is a man here is who doing a documentary. And I told him he should come and speak to you guys. Because Adaline is eighty something years old, and she is here in the dark with no heat and she's got here oven on. Come!

Adaline (A)
01:02 My landlord wants to throw us out. Because he wants more money. I've been here 70 years. Really cold in here. But he said he's not going to fix anything. Would he do it to his own mother? Three blankets I got. God help us.

01:30 He lived in the basement. What a mess down there. Flooded very bad. Thank god he's alive. So I said, come and say with me. As long as I have the room, come and stay. Right? That's what friends are for.

Marvin (M)
01:48 I can't eat no more.

What is that?

01:50 Mary's Gone (cookies)

01:50 Oh, OK. How long's it Marvin?

October 29th this happened. And then today is the 14th.

02:02 Two weeks. I've never felt so cold in my life. We look like Eskimos when we go to sleep. Him in there, and me over there. Nice and cold.

How are you? You have some pair of chops. You know that?

Frank (F)
02:24 Why?

02:26 Why? No heat, no hot water. Come on, Frank.

02:29 We are trying our hardest

02:31 Everybody else did, and you?

Ok, all the parts. We gave the guy 3K yesterday. To get this stuff off the burner. The electric was done. Con Edison, there was a mix communication here. I've been here to mid night every night here. I'd appreciate it if the microphone aint on.

He was praying that we picked up and got out. That's what he wanted. Cause I'm on rent control. I pay little rent, huh. I was 11 years old when I came here. We had a good life here.

The only way I'm getting out of here is in a body bag. I will not give him the satisfaction.

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