My name is Muhammmad Imanullah Abdurahman A.K.A Iman Aley. from Bandung City - West Java - Indonesia. i started filming 2 years ago, when got studied in major Marine Science at Padjadjdaran University. 2011 is awsome year. many great people i meet made my life so wonderfull. this film covered my journey all over indonesia from West indonesia P.Weh - Aceh to the most Richest Biodiversity East Indonesia - Raja Ampat ,Papua.

shoot on : (pocket camera) + gopro hero
canon powershoot G11
canon powershoot G12
GoPro Hero 2

additional footage by
Erlangga Mahardika -IDtraveler
Almer Havis - Urai indonesia
Topan Lazuardi

ALLAH SWT that give me this wonderfull life
my father and mother who allways supported me in any situation
my brother and sister that make me cheers up ^^ love u guys
M2films who guide me making this 2011 reel films and also computer editiing
my EX .... That i can say how much you mean to me ..
TRANSCORP -trans7 that give me opportunity being underwater cameraman
KOMPAS.TV - Mr cahyo who teach me manner to environment
LK MAHAIKA - it nice being part of mariners unpad
FOPMI - friends of youth divers indonesia thats allways share
WAKATOBI NATIONAL PARK - give me chance live there for 40 days and trust me for film sail wakatobi 2011

And all off you guys who lifes around me nothing else that i can say YOU GUYS AWSOME and thank you being part of my life .regrads - IMAN ALEY

thank you for watching.

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