The song is still unreleased. Lyrics are by myself: Like the video if you're interested in hearing the whole song. Music by Right Beat Radio Picture by me, in Los Angeles

[Snippet Lyrics]
How could you do this to me
Thought we were homies, friends like kins, no lies & no gimmicks
I had my trust in you, we were in peace
You decided to play your dice, Chance is; you lost my respect
Trying to stab me with your games, it's a shame
Hoping I'd give way to the privacy of my emotions / without questions.
Weaknesses you used' em well,
Abusing people's mental,
You did it to all of your so called friends,
I shoulda forseen i'd be next on your list,
Someday (somehow) you'd try
to bring ME down to a detrimental state
(Now) Calling me back to enlace me with your schemes, [...]

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