written and directed by olivier boonjing
produced by olan bowland & olivier boonjing
assisted by stanley kowalski
presented by another state of mind films

with lucie debay, arieh worthalter, anael snoek, elisabeth lourtie, geoffrey boissy, andres cifuentes, antonio otero, mathieu besnard, pierre van heddegem, louise chardon, luk van den dries, marion nguyen the & stendec

cinematography by olivier boonjing, olan bowland & jean-françois metz

sound recording by quentin aksajef & thibaut darscotte

editing by olivier boonjing, quentin aksajef & olan bowland

sound editing by thibaut darscotte

sound mix by jean-françois levillain

foley by thomas vaquié & valentin van galder

color grading by olivier boonjing

trailer by adil nahjari

making of by azilys romane

music by michael the blind, ramona cordova & jim kenny

end credit track recorded by alexandre guisen


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