Launch commercial for the rebranding of NATIONAL AUSTRALIA BANK

Directed by JUSTIN REARDON (Anonymous Content)

Icons based on the lyrics of the song - a MOUNTAIN, STREAM, RAINBOW and CLOUD (dream) - were then used to rebrand all the NAB branches and collateral across Australia

Built by Image Creative Workshop, (the same company that designs characters for the Star Wars films, and director Peter Jackson), the YETI costume was worn by a 6 foot 7 inch tall actor (based in the UK), who specializes in wearing ridiculously oversized character outfits, and the body language acting it takes to bring one of these characters to life. It took three hours to put on the Yeti mask and the same to take it off. When the actor’s facial muscles moved, the Yeti’s moved too: as a result, minimal digital effects were required to bring the Yeti to life.

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