Filming a video part ain't easy and you have to pay the price to get good stuff.
Here's some of the price the Nowamean guys had to pay during the shooting of PIGEYE.

With Fred Lacroix, Dillon Ojo, LP Dorval, Jonat St-Marie, Max Verville, Axel Theoret, Emile Veilleux, Alex Moite, Cameron Hill, Nic Marcoux, Phil Tardif, Etienne Jolicoeur, Dave Brown, Eric Ramirez, Gillian Andrewshenko, Eric Regimball, Richard Bergeron, Alexis Mailhot, Alex Gogo, Jo Truchon, Nic Roy, Vince Roy, Nic Tremblay, Anto Chamberland, Thomas Gagner, Gab Belanger and Russell Bearsdley.

Download PIGEYE full movie here :

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