How many of you have an older sibling? You were raised with big brothers or sisters? If you had older siblings, then I am sure at one time or another, you had this experience. They would pin you down somehow, and then take your hand and make you hit yourself repeatedly. They would say? “Stop hitting yourself”.
As a little kid, you were powerless to stop weren’t you? They controlled you.
Now we are older and we have probably done that to someone smaller than us. Come on, admit it. How many of you have been the giver of that?
Many haven’t stopped yet. We are still hitting ourselves. Not physically slapping ourselves, but through addiction we are hitting ourselves. It’s a lot worse than when you were teased, because you are doing it to yourself for real.
We are in a series called “Wounded” and we have talked about how life is hard. It can be painful because of what other people have done to us. Last week we even talked about what to do when you think God is the one wounding you.
This week, we are going to look at the most damaging, self-inflicted wound we can give ourselves … ADDICTION.

Bible Baptist Church, Darmstadt, Germany

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