Introducing my music project. I actually search good people to work with. Especially a drummer and a bassist, (good level for both), or others things. I'm open and like experimental projects. I'm guitarist and drummer.

"Ils peuvent être français" or internationals. To make a music projekt around the world dont afraid me.

There is a list of things I f******n like.
Metal, Death Metal, Rock, Stoner Rock, UK electronic musics (DnB, Dubstep, Glitch), GE electronic musics(IDM ect...), and many others.

Materials for this old home record (2 years ago) :
- Line 6 Flextone 3XXL
- Ibanez RG321

Materials for the future studio record :
- Line 6 Flextone 3XXL
- Ibanez RG827QMZ Seven strings + Dimarzio ToneZone ? (This is the guitar you can see in the video. F**k, I love it.

There will be a studio video, filming by myself and a friend. (Canon EOS 7D, Canon EOS 5DmkII, Canon EOS 5DmkIII, Canon XF300). The recording will be made in my home town, Château Thierry, where my cousin works. (Guitars/Bass guitars/Drums/Sings/Cryings).

I really increase my guitar level since this home record. Just to say I'm louder, faster, darker.

Keep your cool, and don't hesistate to contact me for talking about music.

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