Five hundred years ago, a little-known German monk discovered in Scripture two simple ideas so scandalous that they set Europe aflame for centuries. The church would never be the same.

Now God's people are rediscovering what Martin Luther uncovered five centuries ago. And those two simple ideas, Justification and Vocation, so evident throughout Scripture, are the foundation of the Christian life.

In our congregations, in our communities, in our families and in our work lives, grace takes us out into God's world, confident in God's promises. We are sent out of our churches, to love and obey, to co-create with God on behalf of others, for the sake of the world.

Down and out: it's the life God gives us, the life to which God calls us. This six-part series, filmed in high-definition, reintroduces you to the life-changing reality of God's promises, and points the way to a completely different view of life in the light of where grace takes you.

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