Additional Music by Gestalt OrchestrA + Twin Realities Dreamers.
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Free Full movie "Dreams That Money Can Buy is a 1947 American experimental feature color film written, produced, and directed by surrealist artist and dada film-theorist Hans Richter."

"Proclaimed by David Lynch as his favourite film (He pinched the title 'Ruth Roses and Revolvers' from it), it is not an easy watch and sadly is probably destined to always be for the cognoscenti [knowledgeable people]. This is a film—not a movie—and whilst not completely successful as a piece of art, it pushes the boundary of film and narrative."

If Dada is about the purposeless sterility of modern life, this film is about how people shut down and armor themselves in order to survive in it—and then turn to just about anyone or anything in the desperate attempt to wake up, open back up, and to actually feel something.

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