When Seven (Imke du Toit) returns to Cape Town at the start of a new year at university, Len (Sven Ruygrok) has something important on his mind. How is he going to tell her? This is a story about communication, and the occasional lack thereof.

This indie project was written, shot and edited over 6 weeks, and equipment was sourced from friends and contacts. We used minimalism as a guiding philosophy in the shoot (see pragmaticaspie.blogspot.com/2012/12/a-minimalist-filmmakers-ethic.html). We spent under R500 (South African Rand) on the project in total.

A note on playback: We shot the film at 50fps, but Vimeo's player only allows up to 30fps playback, which may result in poor audio sync and visual motion on the site. A 50fps version at 3.9mbps, size 496MB (same bitrate as here) is available for download at



dl.dropbox.com/u/3664203/Seven_3.9mbit.mp4 (follow the link to view with your video plugin or right-click and 'save as' on the link, if your browser does not support playback at full rate)

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