Life Through Tutting

You might think you're a loser.
Some people might think you're a square.
When all you're trying to do is fit in other people's circles.
So you do whatever, going from one group to another.
But you're creating this illusion for yourself.
See, they're there when you want, but gone when you need them.
You need to break out of this routine.
You only have small window to do something better, and bigger.
And there will be bumps in the road, and things might unravel.
But cut yourself some slack, when the world turns upside town,
Take life as it comes and twist with it.
See you fall down seven times, but you have to get up eight.
Cause Happiness is not a virtue, nor this nor that, but simply, growth.
Grow, and let that happiness fall down to others.
You have a chance, to make something of yourself.
So be you, and you never know who you're going to meet,
Or what might come out of it...

I made this on my exchange to Nebraska. The people I met were not who I were used to, in a good way, and it inspired me to write, choreograph, and shoot this video. The message is that you should be yourself, and not change for anyone, because there will be people out there who love you for you. So be happy, smile often, and be yourself.

This was shot in front of The University of Nebraska at Kearney in front of the Bell Tower.

Thanks to Skylar for helping me shoot this.

Thanks to Every Single Person I Met On This Trip.

Thank You UNK.

Song: Kiara by Bonobo

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